Touch screen or multi-touch: which one to use for events?

Touch screen or multi-touch: which one to use for events?

Although the first reports of touch screens refer to 1965, it was only in the 90s that the devices became popular with this technology Smart Film Thailand. Since then, the concept of touch screens has evolved a lot and there are already found options that are sensitive to different concomitant touches.

Of different types, touch screens are already common in mobile devices, such as smartphones that you can see on the market today, as well as in computer monitors and televisions. To learn more about the subject, the main points have separated about this niche market.

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What is touch screen technology?

In summary, the touch screen is a touch screen. This means that, in addition to being able to see what appears on the monitor smart film pdlc, you can also touch it and it will respond to the command made. This type of technology integrates not only sensors on the screen, but also specific programs and interfaces to understand what is happening.

There are two main types of screens that can be controlled by touch, resistive and capacitive. The first type was the most used technology when touch screens reached the general public. They work by pressing on the screen which is recognized and translated as a specific command. Because of the way it is produced, it needs specific pens for the movement to be recognized, or for more intense pressure to be applied when touching with the hand.

Capacitive technology is the one you can use in iphones, for example. It works from a charged layer of electricity, known as a capacitive layer, positioned on the monitor panel. When you touch these screens, parts of these electrons are transmitted to your finger, as if it were a small imperceptible shock. The computer then understands this small discharge of electricity and calculates the coordinates, which are then translated as a command to the computer screen.

Nowadays, computers and smart tvs already use this technology and allow the user greater interactivity and practicality with the device they use, without relying on mice or remote controls.

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How does touch screen work?

In practice, every multi-touch screen is a touch screen, but the reverse does not apply While the simplest systems recognize only one touch at a time, multi-touch systems recognize different touches at the same time. The most common example is the pinch movement that you can use on the cell phone to zoom in on the photos.

Touch or multi-touch: what is the ideal for an event?

When you think of an event, you will only be able to choose between touch screens or multi-touch screens if you stop to analyze the use that you will give to these objects. In the case of presentations that use screens or small slideshows being transmitted on tablets, the multi touch screen technology will meet what is proposed.

However, if the intention is to promote some more interactive activity, which involves a greater exploration of content, multi-touch will enable a more productive experience. Collaborative games, in which participants compete with each other, for example, are great opportunities to create engagement and require specific software, as well as a compatible multi-touch screen.

Now that you understand how the different types of technology for touch screens work, choosing the best type of device for your event will be made with much more security and effectiveness.

Touch screen or multi-touch: which one to use for events?
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